How to Install & Run Turbo C++ in Windows 7/8 (32/64 bit) with Full-Screen

Turbo C++ is a16 bit MS-DOS based application which works perfectly on windows xp and older versions, but newer version of windows Operating Systems does not totally support 16 bit applications. The 32 bit version of windows 7/8 only runs Turbo C++ IDE and when you try to compile your code then it fails, because it could not support 16 bit compiler and 64 bit OS only support 32 bit and 64 bit applications. So in order to run Turbo C++ in windows 7/8 we use an application DosBox, which basically emulates a 16bit MS-DOS like Operating System environment. I have created a single installer which automatically installs DosBox, Turbo C++ and configure it. Here is download Links :

32bit version   download link
64bit version   download link

How To Install Video

Or if you want to install and configure it yourself then here is the method :
First of all download TurboC++ and DosBox setup from here :

TurboC++    Click here to download
DosBox        Click here to download

Create a folder in C drive to store all 16 bit applications. in my case i create a folder named "16bit".
Extract TurboC++ files on recently created folder, after that install & run DosBox then type following commands on it.

mount C C:\16bit\

above command will mount the folder "16bit" as C drive for emulated DOS-OS


this command will change drive into C.

cd tc\bin

this command will change directory and locate tc.exe file


now this command launches TurboC++. For full-screen just press ALT + ENTER

Now you need to Re-map two keys F9 and Left Control, because if you press both keys to compile and run your code then DosBox will be closed down. So to Re-map keys start DosBox and press Left-Control + F1, then select F9 button by clicking on it and then click on 'del' button.

Then repeat same process for Left-Control button.

Now again click F9 button, then click 'add' button, after that press F9 button on your keyboard, this will assign new event for F9 button.

Again repeat same process for Left-Control button.

then click on save button and exit.

the above processes will re-map both keys.

You can also automate the mounting process by editing DosBox configuration file. To do this just go-to start menu and type "DosBox Options" in Search Box.

Now click on "DOSBox 0.74 Options", this will open up DosBox configuration file, after that scroll down bottom of file and add these code :

mount C C:\16bit\
cd tc\bin

note : adjust your file path for tc directory in first command, in my case it is "C:\16bit\", then save it. Now when you run DosBox then TurboC++ will automatically start. that is the manual process. If you have faced any problem of those instructions then just download and install the above given automated installers.

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