How to Install & Configure XAMPP Server in Windows 8

Hello guys, In this post we will look at how to properly install and configure XAMPP Server in Windows 8. XAMPP stands for [X]Cross Platform, Apache, Mysql, Php, Perl. It is a software package which contains all programs and executable files to create a local Web Server, where we can learn Mysql database, Php scripting or either test our Web applications without online-connectivity. XAMPP package mainly contains Apache http-server, Mysql Database application, Php, Strawberry perl, FileZilla FTP server, Mercury SMTP server and Tomcat. So lets get started ...

  • Installing XAMPP Server

First of all download the XAMPP executable installer file from here :

You can download any one of given files, i downloaded the first one. If you have antivirus installed on your system then disable it, because some times it causes errors during installation process and also disable the UAC settings in windows 8. To do this just open search box and type "msconfig" then click on it.

after that in 'System Configuration' Box click 'tools' tab, select 'Change UAC Settings' then click 'Launch' button.

In the next window drag the seek at bottom option 'Never Notify', then then hit OK button on both windows.

Now run XAMPP setup file, after the splash screen if a 'question' box will appear then click 'Yes' and in 'Warning' box click OK.

after that click on next button.

at that window you can choose which components you want to install, select default and click next button.

here you can select where you want to put all XAMPP files, default is c:\xampp, and click next.

in next window un-check the check-box and click next.

Click on next again and wait for completion of installation process.

after the installation process click on Finish button.

  • Configure XAMPP Server

In XAMPP Control Panel click 'start' button to start the different services and if you want to stop the process then hit stop button. Here is the brief Description of XAMPP Control Panel

Service Control : with these buttons we can start, stop, see logs and configure service settings.

XAMPP Buttons :

Config    : Open configuration window.
Netstat    : Show all listening and open ports.
Shell       : start a command prompt at Xampp directory.
Explorer : Open xampp folder in xplorer.
Services : start "services.msc"

now in order to start services just press the 'start' button and when a box named "Windows Security Alet" pops-up then click 'Allow Access' button.

by the above step services are unblocked by the firewall, Do same for the Mysql. Now its time to test our web server, open your web browser and type or http://localhost/ and hit enter then choose your language and now we are in the main page of XAMPP server.

  • Testing XAMPP Server
Now we create a simple Php script to test the Php installation. start notepad and paste this code -

echo "hello world!! this is a test.";

save this as test.php on 'C:\xampp\htdocs\' folder then type on browser and hit enter.

Now to test the mysql database click on the shell button on XAMPP Control Panel then type these commands on it

mysql -u root
show databases;

above commands are lists all databases in mysql. The Configuration process of FileZilla FTP server is found in this article. And if you want to run the Tomcat service then first you need to download and install Java JDK or JRE, which can be found here :  
after installing java JDK/JRE you are able to run tomcat service.

  • Access XAMPP Server over LAN

By default XAMPP server only accessed by local user. If you want to access XAMPP server through Len then you need to modify the 'httpd-xampp.conf' file. To do this open XAMPP Control Panel and click on 'config > Apache(httpd-xampp.conf)' option

then scroll down to the bottom of  configuration file, where you need to replace these two lines 

with this : Require all granted
save the configuration file and restart apache server, and now you are able to access the XAMPP server over Lan.

So that's it. We can Successfully installed XAMPP server. I hope you like this and if you have any question or suggestion about this post then please leave a comment.

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