How to Install bWAPP (buggy Web App) Web Application on Windows with XAMPP

bWAPP, or a buggy web application, is a free and open source PHP based web application for Practicing Web Pentesting and learn about web vulnerabilities in a safe environment. Its main goal is to provide a safe and legal environment for security professionals and students to test their skills and tools and learn about Web security.

The bWAPP has over 100 web vulnerabilities. It covers all major known web bugs, including all risks from the OWASP Top 10 project.

In this post we are going to see how to install bWAPP on windows system. And in order to install bWAPP first we need to install HTTP web server with php and mysql. For this we can use XAMPP server, which contains apache http server, php and mysql.

First download bWAPP and XAMPP setup :

bWAPP :  Download Link

XAMPP : Download Link

Now follow the below steps :

1. Install the XAMPP Server. For the installation process of xampp server checkout the below link :

                 How to Install and Configure XAMPP Server

2. Extract All the files from downloaded file and move/copy all the extracted files into "C_Drive > xampp >> htdocs" folder ("C:\xampp\htdocs" directory).

3. Now go to inside the bWAPP folder and then open admin folder.

Inside the admin folder, there is a file named settings.php, Now open the settings.php file with notepad or your favourite editor and search the below line
  $db_password = "bug";
and at here, remove the bug from the above line, after it looks like
  $db_password = "";
than save the file. I am using notepad++ and it is on line no 22.

4. Now on XAMPP control panel start Apache and mysql service, and open the below url on your browser.

5. Now at this page click on the here to install the bWAPP, and that's it. We successfully installed the bWAPP. 

6. Now click on the login tab and login with the default credentials : 
  username : bee
  password : bug
theirs another option for choosing the security levels : low, medium or high.

After login, just choose one of the given challenges and click on b button to start the challenge.

We can also create new user account by clicking on New User tab.

Conclusion :

In this post we saw the installation process of bWAPP web app. For more information about Web Security and Web Pentesting, please visit the below link :