Some basic concept to start with SQL injection

In this post we are going to look some basic concepts regarding to SQL injection techniques and methodologies.

Basic SQL Functions

SELECT read data from the database based on searching criteria
INSERT insert new data into the database
UPDATE update existing data based on given criteria
DELETE delete existing data based on given criteria
UNION used to combine the result-set of two or more SELECT statements.
WHERE used to extract only those records that fulfill a specified condition.
Order By used to sort the result-set in ascending or descending order.
Limit By statement is used to retrieve records from one or more tables.

SQL Injection Characters

Character String Indicators ‘ or “
Multiple-line comment /*....*/
Addition, concatenate ( or space in URL) +
# or – -(hyphen hyphen) ||
Wildcard attribute indicator %

Types of SQL Injection

  • Error Based SQL Injection
  • Blind SQL Injection

SQL Injection Technique

  • Union Based SQL Injection
  • Error Based SQL Injection
  • Boolean Based SQL Injection
  • Time Based SQL Injection

Where to search for SQL Vulnerability :

  • Authentication Page
  • Search Fields
  • Post Fields
  • Get Fields
  • HTTP Header
  • Cookie

List of Database

  • MySQL(Open source),
  • MSSQL,
  • Oracle,
  • Postgre SQL(open source),
  • SQLite

Automated tools to perform SQL Injection :

  • sqlmap
  • sqlninja

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